Rank Tracker Plugin: Is It Worth it to Buy One?


Being a full time online marketer, I always look forward for tools that will make my work more effective and efficient. I have a couple of projects on the internet, on the other hand, the affiliate marketing is where I generate most of my income. The WordPress has become so far my most favorite platform to create landing pages and build sites. It is just the most affective and easiest platform that you can market with. I have also tried a lot of various different plugins and there are only a handful that I definitely like. There are a couple of plugins that can assist you to rank first in any search engines and one of my favorite plugins is the rank tracker. In this article, you will be able to know what are the benefits of having a rank tracker google serp api.

Overview - the rank tracker is one of my most delighted plugins because of the vital information it gives. As any marketers, we definitely know that internet market is definitely about keywords. Knowing what are the right keywords that could increase the traffic is crucial to any marketing strategies. The rank tracker would help you to keep track on the keywords that are causing traffic to your website. This is a priceless information for the search engine optimization. Over the course of a couple of weeks, the user will be able to create a list of what keywords are actually causing a traffic to the website.

Advantages of a rank tracker - once you would know what are the keywords utilized in order to find your website, you will be able to utilize these keywords in order to market your website very well. At times, you will find that the keywords are concentrating on are simple not the ones that are causing traffic to your website. There are other times wherein you will find new keywords that you need to concentrate on with rank tracking api.

Setup - just like the other rank tracker, it would take a couple of minutes to install as well as configure it. You just need to set it to what search engine you would want to focus on and then, add the email that you want the notifications to be sent. This is just a very easy thing to do.

Cost - the cost of having a rank tracker is so affordable. You can just buy this tool for about 30 dollars.